Punch - Em - Up

Play as a street brawler and make your way through a street littered with thugs. No one can stop you from reaching the Thug Leader at the end of the street.

  • Controller support.
  • 5 - 10 minutes playtime.
  • Replayablity
  • Jam version made in 3 days for the Mini Jam 73 game jam.
  • Made with a colour palette of only 5 colours (Jam Limitation) 


  • Move - arrow keys  |  joystick 
  • Jump -  space bar  |  'A' button 
  • Punch- 'Z' key  |   Right Bumper
  • Kick - 'X' key  |  Left Bumper
  • Headbutt- 'C' key  /  'B' button
  • Sprint- left shift / left stick press


  • OrphicNinjafor making the game.
  • ChasersGaming for making the original character sprite sheet  (Edited to fit colour limitation).
  • CraftPix for making the original Scene images (Edited to fit colour limitation).
  • Kubbi for making the background music. Song name: Up in my jam.


This is the first game I have taken part of and due to my over scoping, there is a few bugs I have encountered while playing but didn't get time to fix. 


Punch-Em-Up.zip 26 MB

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